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grease vs oil | Trap Shooters Forum. Oct 20, 2017 · Hello all, I have a question about grease vs oil for lubing a shotgun. My Perazzi owners manual says "Oil please" and I assume it means a preference. Get Price And Support Online; Difference Between Oil and Grease | Difference Between. Nov 04, 2009 · Where They Come From.

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Grease vs. Lubricating Oil - Tetraguncare . Grease vs. Lubricating Oil. Posted by Gregory Cohen, General Manager on 2nd Apr 2015. The most common question in firearms lubrication is, “Should I use grease or oil?” The answer is: using one or the other or both is really a matter of personal preference. ‘Grease’, which is a lubricant ...

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Grease, not oil (on bolt actions, not AR-type gas guns!). Use not too much, pretty much anything you can lay your hands on. My personal choice is a white synthetic product, comes in a small plastic syringe with a nozzle that twists 180* to act as a valve.

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Hoppe’s M-Pro7 – Best Gun Cleaning Oil. When you’re asking around about what the best gun cleaning solvent is, it’s only natural to also ask what the best gun cleaning oil is. A lot of the competition shooters that we talked to at the range love the M-Pro7, and find it works really well alongside the M-Pro bore snake.

grease vs oil | Trap Shooters For

Do a search of this site - you will find that the oil vs. grease discussion (or lubrication discussion) has been about as on going as 8s vs 7 1/2s. I have used grease --- but after years I settled on STP - either alone or will mix in a little 30 weight Mobile 1, or TriFlo if I need to adjust the viscosity.

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Lube works great, but you need to wipe the lube off the receiver after you finish shooting, don't store the gun with the grease on it. Why? Because when dust and dirt combines with the grease and it's on the contact points for a long time, it acts like an abrasive.

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I know that there are differing opinions on whether or not to use a grease on semi-auto pistols. I am one of those that prefers to use a lubricant on all the metal components of a pistol and also grease on the heavy contact points. I've been doing Internet research on this subject and so far it appears that the three most popular gun grease products are Tetra Gun Grease, Jardine's Extreme, and ...

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I've had to melt the grease out of sealed trigger units with a butane lighter several times and once had to use stove fuel to clean a Weatherby that had been packed full of fiber wheel bearing grease. I have a Texas Pride Pickled Okra jar with several scraps of cotton socks that have been steeped in an occasional squirt of smelly English oil.

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Lucas white lithium grease is a multi-purpose high quality NLGI #2 formulation. LOWEST PRICE | LIMITED TIME ONLY! 25 OZ Tube White Lithium Ease Lithium Grease 4PK Permatex White Lithium Grease is an all-purpose white lubricant Birth Control Pills Walmart Pharmacy for metal-to-metal and White Lithium Grease Sale metal-to-plastic applications ...

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O’Reilly Auto Parts carries white lithium grease, as well as various other grease options for your application This product is restricted for sale or use in the following areas: Talon® 120lb Keg White Lithium Grease Manufacturer. 6 out of 5 stars 56.. 5 Gallon pail of white lithium grease high temp white lithium grease 8oz lucas white ...

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Buy online, pick up in-store in 30 minutes.. WD-40 How to use WD-40 Specialist White Lithium Grease for long term protection and lubrication Amazing deals on this 10-1/4Oz White Lithium Grease at Harbor Freight. Trap Shooters Forum Jan 04, 2007 · Bicycle Mechanics - Anything wrong with white lithium grease? Acehardware. 5/5 (11) Price: $4.

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I have been using a small amount of Mobil 1 synthetic wheel bearing grease on the rails and barrel of my 1911 but I use oil for the other internal parts. The grease stays put longer than oil and does not drip off or dry up. If I think it is getting gritty I just wipe it off and put more on.

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If you really insist on using grease in area's that firing residue can reach, apply a light coat of oil over top of the grease to help the grease float off the firing residues as you shoot. As far as the best grease and oil, I like superlube grease; their oil is pretty good too.

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The viscosity of motor oil makes it inadequate for lubricating the platter bearing. Lithium grease is thick enough to stay where it matters unlike oil that would simply drip down the shaft with gravity. I also find assertions that oil vs. grease makes audible difference rather absurd.

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While you are correct in that grease does trap small particles, the proper procedure on O/Us is to wipe it off after each use and apply a thin coating of fresh grease prior to the next use. Oil will also will trap dust particles, so you don't get a free pass with it either.

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Grease is a thickened suspension that has oil suspended in it. It's main advantage is it stays put and keeps the oil in place. It's main disadvantage is it thickens when cold and can jam an auto if used on the slide. Both oil and grease trap and hold dirt.

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There sure are a lot of grease haters on this forum My vote is for thick, copious amounts of grease that oozes out of the action every time it's cycled. That makes it self lubricating. If the grease isn't splattered everywhere when you fire the gun, you didn't use enough. Just kidding- I used to use grease, but I'm slowly moving towards oil only.

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Lucas white lithium grease is a multi-purpose high quality NLGI Where Can I Buy White Lithium Grease #2 formulation. Trap Shooters Forum.. Toolstation. 7/5 (303) White Lithium Grease - Lucas Oil Products, Inc. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with Lubricant/Grease from AutoZone. Save on Lithium Grease with great deals at Advance Auto Parts.