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Grease List.pdf Перейти к содержанию Пластичные смазки Уже зарегистрированы? Войти ... http://lubritec.biz/synbook.pdf Распечатайте нужные ...

Mobil Synt S 5w40 UK = Mobil Super 3000 X2 Aust - Bob Is .

This is along with four M1 products - 2 x 0W-40, 1 x 5W-40 and 5W-50. There is another lubricant on the list which I believe (can't confirm) may be an equivalent to M1 5W-40 TDT Another updated Porsche Approved List is due for/or has been released and I believe that Mobil 3000 X2 5W-40 will be on it and Synt S will not be.

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Eaton Multipurpose Grease. Posted on 21-Nov-2017 . Eaton Multipurpose Grease is a high performance NLGI Grade 2 lithium-complex grease for a variety of uses for both on and off road applications, where the use of ....

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Since PAO does not have the solubility properties to properly disperse the additive package some "carrier oil" is added to achieve this. It could be GrpI, II, or III. Even though the companies advertise "100%" or "fully", not sure that is possible. Of course they could use GrpIII as a carrier and still claim 100% syn but not 100% PAO.

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Super Lube Multi-Purpose Grease with Syncolon (PTFE) - 3 oz. tube. Patented NLGI grade 2 heavy-duty, multipurpose synthetic lubricant. Long lasting. Long lasting. Prevents rust and corrosion while reducing friction.

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Syn Grease 2 - lubritec.biz. Lubritec.biz Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Greases Base Oil ... Mobilgrease 28 Bentone/PAO Mobilgrease EAL 101, 102 2, 2 Lithium 12-OH/POE 100 EP Mobilith SHC 100, 220 2 Lithium Complex/PAO 100, 220 EP ... Mobiltemp SHC 460 Special 1 Bentone/PAO 460 EP moly Morris (UK) K65MS 2 Inorganic ...

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#2 Polyglycol Grease 2 Silica Gel/PAG 220 Synthetic Red Grease 2 2 Lithium Complex/PAO 220 EP Perkins Perlube SYN-2 2 Permatex Super Lube 2 teflon Lubrication Technologies www.lubritec.biz Houston, TX 77024

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List of Group IV oils? - Bob Is The Oil G

2014 Toyota Rav 4 2.5L FWD Transmission Fluid Swap by cdm1993. 07/06/19 02:15 PM ... Used GC/bearing grease on ball joints by OCDriver. 07/06/19 10:31 AM ... not sure that is possible. Of course they could use GrpIII as a carrier and still claim 100% syn but not 100% PAO. Similarly some companies advertise 100% GrpV as well.

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The nominal fuel requirement of the engine generator is 320 scfm of Landfill Gas at 50% methane equivalent. ... Kluber Grease. 1. 8. 1. 5/13/14. 369160.

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Grease Interchange Guide - norfolkbearings.com. Posted on 27-Jul-2019 . Shell Albida ® LC 2 Shell Retinax ® LC 2 SKF LGWA2™ SKF LGEP2™ Texaco Starplex® 2 Unocal 76 Multiplex Red™ Timken Construction and Off-Highway Grease Castrol Moly 860-2ES™ Castrol Contractor Grease 2™ Conoco Phillips Super Lube M EP™ D.A. Stuart Molyplex EP 2™ Exxon Mobil Centaur Moly Exxon Mobil Ronex ...

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Silicone Grease and Silicone Compounds from PolySi ® G-MAN ® Lubricants offer excellent dielectric properties, extreme high and low temperature capabilities (-100-400 F), water resiliency, and oxidation resistance.. These characteristics make our PolySi ® G-MAN ® Silicone Greases excellent for lubricating, coating and sealing plastic and ...

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Log in for product & safety data sheets. FUCHS Media bank . Customer Service . +45 32 46 30 00

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LubriTec Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluids Advance Petrochem (India) Allegheny Petrolrum Aluchem (Italy) Amalie American Agip American Chemical Tech.

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LubriTec Synthetic Lubricant Cross Reference Chart Series Synthetic Greases Product Name NLGI Grade Acculube Sumtech SG-220 2 Sumtech SG-460 1.5 ALPG-120 0 Addinol (Germany) Hightemp XFT 2 2 Hightemp XFT 2 EP 2 Multiplex XMK 2 2 Supertemp XHT 2 EP 2 ADDIFLON PFPE Premium XH 1, 2 ADDISIL Extemp 2 2 ADDIFLON OXS 400 3 Longlife Grease HS 2 2 Longlife Grease LC 2 2 Aluchem (Italy) Aluflos AV 2 2 ...

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PAO PAG PAO www.lubritec.biz Series Name Syn Gear DE Omnigear EP Chemlube Ultrmar (Canada) Emgard Syn. WGL (subsidiary Valero) Emgard Syn IND-EP Valvoline SynGard G Veloil (Thailand) Indpro Syngear EP Verkol (Spain) Corvus EP Patela Wallover WOCO SGO Whitmore Decathalon HD Decathalon F Yale Selco (India) Selco SF-400 76 Lubricants Triton ...

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Syn grease 2 - lubritec Open document Search by title Preview with Google Docs Lubritec synthetic lubricant cross reference chart series synthetic greases base oil product name nlgi grade thickener/oil* iso viscosity.

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Keyword Research: People who searched castrol grease also searched. Keyword CPC PCC Volume Score; castrol oil: 1.59: 0.1: 4653: 44: castrol: 0.79: 0.5: 5842: 14 ...

t20019001 | Roots Synthetic Grease - 14.5 oz Tube .

URAI GAS blower grease specifications: The specified grease for servicing drive end bearings of a gas blower, use a NLGI #2 premium grade aluminum complex* grease, Roots P/N T20019001 with 300°F (149°C) service temperature and moisture resistance and good mechanical stability. The lubricants selected must be compatible with the gas.